La Maison des Enfants – a bilingual Montessori school

Private, secular, bilingual (French/English) Montessori schools in Montreuil and Le Pré Saint Gervais.

ATTENTION: registrations are opened for possible places available

Sourour Pivion, the founder of these Montessori schools, is AMI-certified and is a graduate of the Centro Internazionale Maria Montessori at Perugia, Italy.

Our schools exist since 1999 in Seine Saint Denis (93). our peculiarity is to apply a teaching method based on Doctor Maria Montessori, who crafted a both sensory and educational material based on her scientific observation. It entitles every child to read, write, count and become a cheerful and responsible citizen of the world.

Kids are welcomed in mixed-aged classes. The furniture is adapted to the size of the schoolchildren and their physical abilities. A rich, diversified and playful material is always attainable for them. Therefore, each exercise allows every child to learn in an autonomous way.

The role of the Montessori teacher is to guide, to assist and encourage the child in his activity, to help him progress while respecting each and everyone’s own rythm. The child chooses his activities freely and can work on his own or with a fellow. Furthermore, many verbal exchanges between the children and their Montessori teachers allow them to express their feelings. The aim is that the child should be able to adapt in the society. This way, “La Maison Des Enfants” is enlisted into a modern and decidedly different educational stream from the traditional way of teaching.

The pedagogic team : an educator who acts as a guide

In our schools, the Montessori teacher has a deep knowledge of early childhood and is specialized in the Montessori pedagogy. Their human qualities, academic knowledge and “Montessori” qualification are necessary in maintaining a relationship of trust and respect for every child and their family.

The pedagogic team listens in each and everyone’s needs and expectations. They present to the children the use of the material, guides those who hesitate with an activity. They also remind the rules and the limits if necessary, helps the children solve their conflicts.

Our Montessori teachers have a deep knowledge of early childhood and are specialized in the Montessori pedagogy. All the team was trained to “savoir-être” (“knowledge-of-how-to-be”) by Recherches & Evolution. Their human qualities, their academic degrees and their “Montessori” qualification at an international scale are one of many assets that allows them to maintain a relationship based on each and everyone’s consideration. The Montessori teacher is a guide who explains, guides and answers more than he manages. He institutes a serene, harmonious, and merry climate into the classroom.

Our Montessori educator apply a personalized approach to guide the children with equity and courteousness

The place of the parents

It is important to maintain a connection with the parents, to adhere to the principles of our pedagogic goals. In order to do so, we offer:

  • Themed meetings on education and the school’s practicals such as some nights dedicated to the handling of the Montessori material, for example.
  • Communication workshops: L’Atelier Parenfance Epanouie.

Parents/ Montessori teachers exchange can also take place informally or whenever one needs them. According to the parent’s availability, these meetings are not mandatory. The parents play an important role in getting involved in school’s activities, fair, field-trips, etc.

The main idea of the pedagogic team is to work in harmonious climate and proper respect towards the parents because it is important that the child feels trust at the place that his parents have chosen for him.

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